A Unique Interview With a Sad Blog :10 Blog Blunders

Being a blogger I focus on quality of content and its uniqueness .I don’t have much experience with modification and search engine optimization .But when I observe professional pro bloggers they have something in common..


Starting a blog is very funny and amazing for new bloggers. Millions of tutorial is out there to add every attractive thing into blog, changing templates and adding animations like flying twitter bird J

Few days ago I was thinking what a blog would say if  it was a  living thing .I am making this post as if I am interviewing a blog with many problems with it .The following problems are mentioned  by one of the blog when I  interviewed !

I am colorful

The blog complained that it is very colorful and attractive, which means people will get a feeling of less professionalism of blog owner. Colors show the creativity of blogger but too many colors can ruin the blogger template.

I have too many widgets

Blog is sad because it is over burdened with unnecessary widgets .some of them  doesn't load even after refreshing many times. This will impact the page views and readers directly. According to my own experience I don’t visit blogs with too many irrelevant widgets and popups .because it is a disturbing experience to read an article without concentration in the middle of so many widgets and popups.

I have so many links on the Homepage

Another complains blog has mentioned is abundance of links on homepage .this problem effects loading speed and template navigation becomes difficult for readers

I am stuffed with irrelevant posts

When I asked the blog about its niche and category, it was confused and was unable to tell me properly .This was because there were many posts which are not relevant to the main topic of blog. In the same way it is difficult for search engines to understand the niche of a blog with irrelevant posts and topics. We must focus on the niche and we should post keeping in view the relevancy.

I have duplicate content

According to the blog, it has duplicate content and it blamed the blog owner that he copied and pasted from other sites over the web.
After the recent Google update, it will be difficult for duplicate content to make its way to the top, therefore we should take our time to deliver unique articles because search engines as well as readers love to read unique posts.

People don’t know who is my owner-About page?

Blog has another problem of identity. Its feels like nobody know about its owner because there is no “about me OR about us” page.
Blog is right it should be entitled for about us page .it becomes easy for readers and visitors to know who the owner is and another advantage is trustworthiness of blog boosts .People love to come again if they have an idea to remember the blog owner.

I don’t have an idea of Privacy policy

Blog demands a “Privacy Policy” page. According to many experts 2014 was the year of hackers .The blog is right about this fact that there should be a privacy policy page .We must show how we respect the privacy of readers and how we will use their data and how we will track their search habits. It boosts reader’s confidence in our blog.

My loading speed is like tortoise!

Frankly speaking blog’s eyes were full of tears while telling me this fact.it said that many readers and visitors fall asleep while I take time to load .This is another problem for mostly all blogs. With every post we make and every modification done with blog .Its loading speed decreases. We must have a close check on loading speed.

I don’t have my own house!

When that blog said “I don’t have my own house” .it made me feel to host my own domain on a suitable and best hosting service .There are many advantages .The hard work we do on our blog goes to us directly and search engine optimization boosts the blog directly instead of contributing the juice toward the hosting service.

I don’t have an insurance Policy!

This is not an ordinary or general insurance policy. Actually blogs said that as it don’t  own  a house (own domain) .It means its living in a rental apartment and its up to the  owner when to expel it or stop it from living there. In the same way I am worried about my blog I don’t know when my blog will display a 404 page “This Blog Is Not Available!

Over to You J

Thanks God My Blog is not a living human being otherwise; I could have many questions to face daily !
But its complain is adequate and legitimate .Every blogger should take these aspects into account for the betterment of his blog.
Have I missed any problem or question? Please leave your feedback in comments .keep visiting 

Image Credits :Picswalls.com

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  1. This post is very useful for me, I have to work on my insurance policy and privacy policy, thank you for sharing it :)


  2. yeah :) insurance policy is just mentioned to derive a meaning for purchasing domain ,Oh yeah privacy policy is something every blog should have .

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Zain,

    You really did a awesome job here. I really liked the way you explained this post. And you title really forced me to stop by here.

    Duplicate content is very worst part of sad or worst blog you can say. This is annoying to readers as well as to search engines. So, better to avoid copying content. I really hate plagiarised content.

    Thanks for the awesome post. Have a great weekend ahead!

    1. Hi Nisha :)
      Thanks for your kind comment .You are absolutely right duplicate content is like poison for blogs .
      Keep visiting n have a nice weekend

  4. Hi Zain...again a wonderful post. i hate when people copy the idea/content from another blog, also it is irritating when several popup widgets are in your face when you are trying to read the content.. The point is you can not force anyone to like your FB page, they will like it/follow it if they want else they will just close the widget and move on..
    Though one important point to be noted from here is that i need to work on my privacy policy, it is pending for too long now :)

  5. Hi Anubhuti :)
    Thanks for your kind feedback .I am happy that you got that point about privacy policy .yeah everyone hates duplicating content :) .Keep visiting .I will need your guidance in future too

  6. Thank you for these useful SEO tips. I'm sure that who apply all tips to their own websites will be get better rank on Search Engine.

  7. Hey Zain i checked the .com domain of yours but it is not up yet i guess... best of luck for that :)


Thanks for Your Comment :) See related posts !