Blog Traffic: 15 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Traffic


Every Newbie wanders how to generate enough traffic from search engines or even any referral site, because they are not in a position to spend dollars on advertising campaigns.

The only key to success lies in hard work and it takes so much time then we expect.

 I have been blogging since 2009 and i learned many steps to generate enough traffic to get noticed.

Here we go !
  1. Stumble Upon is good source of traffic if content is submitted to relevant category.
  2. Your blog post Title should be attention gaining.
  3. Do not write keywords in the middle of the post .It should be in first 50 words. It will make it easy for search engines to understand your post content.
  4. Write at least 400 words post.
  5. Write Unique content as search engines can detect plagiarism much quicker than you think.
  6. No copy paste!  
  7. Pinterest can get you more traffic  then you imagine if you manage to grab the attention of users  by posting eye catching images with link of your post .Pinterest generates considerable traffic when your account reach more than 1000 followers.
  8. As everyone says! Share your content to social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and many more.
  9. Social bookmarking can get you some blog traffic .Submit your content to Reddit,Digg,Delicious.
  10. Submit your post to Storify .There are two-fold advantage of this .It can improve your Page Rank and second it can get you some traffic of serious readers.
  11. Submit your content to like minded groups on facebook.
  12. Join communities on Google Plus relevant to your niche.
  13. Use relevant  HashTags #Techseology !  so that it will be attached to a relevant topic and it makes the post easily discoverable .
  14. Blog directories like technorati can boost page rank as well as send some traffic too.
  15. Comment on top blogs provided that they are #Commentluv enabled .I tried this method myself and it is fruitful for me .

These as some legitimate traffic generation steps .It will consume your time and even you will feel headache but surely it will lead your blog to success .
Final Words :
Be consistent ! Do not lose hope  .Encourage yourself and discourage illegal ways to get traffic  like auto surf sites .Remember that these sites are harmful for your blog .
Have i missed something ?

I would love read your suggestions .

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  1. This is really a nice post described in easy words for new users. Hope you will give more suggestions and i recommend you to try a Secure Auditor which is a Security Auditing Software

    1. Backham .Welcome to my newly born blog :) Thanks for stopping by dear .yeah i am learning about blogging and learning article writing too .I will see your suggestion

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  3. Hey Zain! Hopped over from Aha-now. I would like to know, if we could enable comment luv option on blogger, without having any turbulence with the the existing comments.

    1. Yes you can do it with intense debate .I experienced that .but existing comments will be hidden .we have to play with template :) thanks for coming here .


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