5 Best Free Blogging Platforms You Won't Like To Miss

After the arrival of social media sites as Facebook,twitter,Google plus .Many of us thought that blogging era is about to end .But what happened next .In fact social media sites are dependent on blogging sites to stay up to date .It doesn't make any sense of existing social media sites  with out posts as What is Blogging ? .How to Blog?.How to make money online? .

Ultimately bloggers are working hard to promote and update social media sites beside their own blog's promotion.This is a two way highway or we may say it is a "give and take" situation.Blogging sites update social media and in return they send readers and audience to the final destination and origin of the content created.

Now ! One question is trending now a days "What are free blogging sites ? "
I have a list of  top 5 blogging sites with details .This post is especially for new bloggers stumbling here and there in search of a suitable blogging platform .


Well known blogging sites list is :

1 : Wordpress :

According to thousands of experts wordpress is the most reliable and top notch blogging platform with two options .First  is free one with ads and second one is premium .As compared to blogger or in other words blogspot it is bit complicated and i think it is  not suitable for newbies ,especially the learners.
With wide range of plugins wordpress succeeded to maintain its position on top of all blogger sites.

2-Blogspot :

Here comes the second to wordpress .This platform is provided free by Google and now its fully integrated with deep Google products. Blogger is  suitable for learners as well as experts .With almost full customization blogger proves to be a heaven for starters.
When it comes to comparison blogger has fewer options regarding plugins and search engine optimization.

3- Tumblr :

 This is another top socio-bloging platform driving millions of users .I said this because I noticed more active users as compared to all social sites,WordPress and blogger .Tumblr is also easily understandable and customizable with thousands of  free and premium themes .
Some #SEO boost arrangements are made in it but not better then top sites above .I guess in future tubmlr will compete social sites not blogs !

4-LiveJournal :

This site offers free blogging and little bit complicated and old fashioned.With the passage of time all sites tried to modify their looks but livejournal tried to keep the heritage within it.Best platform for interaction with community or like minded people .

5- Weebly :

Another widely accepted and used blogging platform provider. With free and pro options weebly is great asset  for bloggers .I tested this platform and I found it useful .
According to my observation blogs and posts made on weebly are indexed by search engines with lightning speed .The reason can be better  #SEO  and its layout and design are search engine friendly .

Final Words :

In my opinion blogger is best platform until you become familiar with all tips of blogging .Before going for paid blogging ,you should start practicing with free platforms .Just like players practice for cricket for many weeks before going for world cup :)

Best of luck . But I know you are expert ! If I missed something .Your feedback shall be appreciated in comments .

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  1. Nice post.. i am using wordpress and love it due to flexibility and variety of plugins available :) Though weebly sounds interesting, i didn' tknow that they have that good of a SEO support :)
    I have really liked your blog and you have some really good and unique posts that would interest a lot of newbies as well as experts in blogging world :)

    1. Hey ! thanks for your feedback :) I am using blogspot .And i will see to shift to wordpress if suitable .yeah weebly is good to use but not as good as wordpress and blogger

  2. You are spot on about the blogging platforms and I agree with you that these 5 are very popular among bloggers. However choosing the best is subjective and depends on what you are looking for. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Ikechi intact most of the people are using either blogger or WordPress .Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Zain,

    Good to be over at your blog :)

    Yes indeed, these are some of the free platforms for blogging, and I won't say which is better than the other, as I've used Bloggers for nearly one year when I started blogging, and then switched to WordPress, as it's supposed to be good for SEO and professional bloggers, as I was told, and there's been no looking back ever since. I think a lot depends on what is your purpose of blogging, and once you know that, you can choose any of the ones you like.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Harleena thanks for your kind feedback .But almost all learn blogging using blogger then they switchover .is that fair ? :)

  4. While I respect your love and affection for Blogger and by no means the "blogger" is not suitable for any blogger, the harsh reality is that most professional bloggers and writer choose WordPress if they want to go big. I believe it is the open sourceness, versatility and lots of options which make WP a great choice for bloggers.

    1. Ahmed thanks for stopping by and the main purpose of this post is to get expert opinion of pro blogger like you :) I am doing a sort of research to change my mind to switchover to wordpress .But believe me i don't know very much about wordpress :)

  5. Hello Zain,

    Awesome list of blogging platforms!

    I haven't used any platform other than WordPress and Blogger but have heard some good words for Weebly. It kind of sparks an idea in my mind that Weebly is sort of a competition to WP and Blogger, right?

    See me often, mate! :)

    1. Hi Adeel

      Thanks for stopping by bro ,

      yeah you can say that but weebly has many options other then blogger and wordpress but if we think blogging then wordpress is first then for the beginners blogger is suggested

      Sure i will fine you and i will comment on your posts :)

      Take care

  6. Hello Zain! I believe that everything is fair in blogging. People use blogger as a stepping stone and then move on to better platforms.

    However, there is no denial that blogger builds the foundation so strong that one can survive and better in any other platforms.

  7. Ajay pai Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Yes you are right .Starting point for almost every blogger is blogspot.I am happy that you left your comment here
    keep in touch


  8. Hi Zain,

    We all know about the popularity of Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. I love blogger because it is so flexible and codes are really easy to alter or change.

    - Rohan.

  9. Hi Zain,

    Nice post! All the platforms you posted here are great. And I have used it all of them previously in my SEO career..

    They really works well and very easy to handle. I am using wordpress since the day I start blogging and I never faces any problem in this platform. I found it very easier. I just love WordPress.

    Thanks for the nice post. have a great weekend ahead!


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